Essentialia for "CYBERLEXONOMICS"

Since 2014, CYBERLEXECONOMICS has been an invitation to multi- and transdisciplinary research on the quest for truth in cyberspace and the REALWORLD. The site is configured in German - but in an "AI-driven world" it is accessible to other languages and legal systems, perhaps as an update. The German-European perspective of origin also explains the change of the English "Quest for Truth" to "Quest of Truth". CYBERLEXONOMICS has been integrated into the WELTRECHT^2 project since 2022, which was first presented at the World Congress of Constitutional Law (Transformations) in South Africa in December 2022 ["Multidisciplinary Constitutional Law Scholarship from Germany and the EU"].


In particular, her work as head of (the Department of Public Law à FÖR) in a Faculty of Economics at the Technical University of Darmstadt since 2002 documents the progress of knowledge and the methodology of a "(r)evolutionary (legal) scientist". For this reason, the pages of the FÖR archive up to 11/2023 can be accessed interactively in the submenu CYBERLEXONOMICS. This is "History Recorded" - and not subsequently "History Delivered".

Since 2010, Viola Schmid has been using the masculine form with an explanation (last): "The use of masculine language is in the interest of clarity, brevity and simplicity (KKE formula). This is not a denial of the existence of female competence, but a request not to reduce the grammatical masculine to the biological gender." (Also noted by Schulze-Fielitz, Die Wissenschaftskultur der Staatsrechtslehrer 2022, p. 192, fn. 1302). This tradition of trans-linguistic sensitivity is based on her own history - she is the tenth female constitutional lawyer in the German-speaking world and feels entitled (Article 5 (3) of the Basic Law) to choose her own formulations. This is one of the reasons why it has traditionally refrained from using supposedly 'gender-equitable' wording - without wishing to follow current guidelines. At present (June 2024), the following preliminary assessment is shared in the context of capacity management: The authentic source of the Hessian Ministry for Science and Research, Art and Culture is not available. A media report informs: "The ban on the use of gender symbols at Hessian universities only applies to administrative communication. This was decided by the Ministry of Science.", Hessenschau, 06.05.2024, Landesregierung beschränkt Genderverbot an Unis in Hessen auf Verwaltung | | Politik. Instructions for teachers on how to mark Abitur examinations have also been published.


The LAWCONE of the temporal technology law comparison illustrates the "pedigree approach" of the experience capital of human intelligence with an increasingly technology-based world. From a German-European perspective, a subdivision into TRADITIONAL LAW up to 2000, CYBERLAW up to 2020 and AILAW from 2020 onwards is proposed.

The foundation and genesis of "CYBERLEXONOMICS"

CYBERLEXONOMICS recognises three milestones in its timeline:
  • - The first edition of 2014 consists of a "documentum nolens volens eo tempore publicatum" (see below).
  • - The second edition 2021 is the archiving of the website of the Department of Public Law at the Technical University of Darmstadt, which as a legal open source project supports the students and the professor and staff in the legal colonisation of the "new territory" (Internet - Phoenix: "Pressekonferenz Barack Obama und Angela Merkel - VOR ORT vom 19.06.2013", video uploaded to YouTube on 19.06.2013 (11.08.2023)).
  • - The third edition of 2024 includes the archiving of the website of the Department of Public Law at the Technical University of Darmstadt, which as a legal open source project now gives substance to the "WELTRECHT^2" agenda.
It is Viola Schmid's conviction that her cyberspace publications should be versioned and archived. The value of the Internet as a publication medium - available almost anywhere, at any time, to an unprecedented number of people and machines - justifies this HERSTORY as necessary. Moreover, in an "AI-driven world", new artificial translation mediators allow access to unknown audiences. This commitment to the value of authentic and authorised publications in cyberspace also goes hand in hand with the commitment to malfunction management (MaMa) (Schmid on § 55a and § 173 VwGO in: Sodan/Ziekow (eds.), Kommentar zur Verwaltungsgerichtsordnung, 4th edition 2014, § 55a para. 26, 38, 39, 64, 87,121; § 173 para. 19 fn. 44). As a result, mistakes and suboptimal performance must be addressed and - as part of competence and capacity management - improvements/corrections must be sought. Criticism and feedback are therefore particularly welcome at diskurs(at)