Essentialia for „CYBERLEXONOMICS“

CYBERLEXECONOMICS is the invitation to transdisciplinary research on the truth ("Quest of Truth") in Cyberspace and REALWORLD.

Important information on the use of "CYBERLEXONOMICS"

Prof. Dr. Viola Schmid, LL.M. (Harvard):
"The jurisprudential basis of the research project "WERBUNG, MEINUNG, CYBERSPACE - EINE NEUE PERSPEKTIVE AUF RECHTSWISSENSCHAFT" (ADVERTISING, OPINION, CYBERSPACE - A NEW PERSPECTIVE ON LEGAL SCIENCE) is my habilitation treatise from 1998, published here for the first time. It is a "documentum nolens volens eo tempore publicatum", which shows errata in form and style as well as authentically representing the manuscript status."